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To save your time we have answered some questions about your cover. It is important that you check these are correct as it could affect your cover or future claims.

Please read and untick any of the following statements that are not true.
You or anyone living with has not been declared bankrupt or are subject to bankruptcy proceedings
You or anyone normally living does not have any criminal prosecutions pending
You do not have anyone with criminal convictions normally residing with you
You have not had previous cover refused
You have not had previous cover declined
You have not been previously requested by an insurer to take special precautions
No special conditions have been previously applied
Not had a previous policy cancelled
The property is self contained having a separate entrance under your sole control excludes communal areas
The property will not be used for business purposes other than clerical or office work
The property is free from flooding
The property is free from ground heave
The property is free from landslip
The property is free from subsidence
The property has not been underpinned
The property is not within 400 meters of a river or a cliff
There are no trees taller than 4 metres within 7 metres of the property
The property walls are made of brick
The property roof is made of tile
No part of the property has a flat and/or felt roof
The property is not a grade listed building
The property is in a good state of repair
I undertake to maintain the property in a good state of repair
This will be my permanent residence
The property will not be permanently unoccupied
It will be regularly occupied during the day time
It will be regularly occupied during the night time
The property is occupied solely by the proposer and members of their family
First Name:
Company Name: (Please complete if the property is owned by a company)
Date of Birth:
Email Address:
Please confirm your Email Address:
Marital Status:
Please provide a password to access your quotes.
  • Will be case sensitive
  • Must be a minimum of 8 characters
  • Must be less than 50 characters
  • Must contain a mixture of alpha and numeric characters
  • Can contain any of the following symbols (~!?@$%^&*()_+-=[]{}:;£#<>)
  • Please confirm your password again
    Phone Number:
    Mobile Number:
    Occupation (type)
    The occupation must be selected from the list and not free typed
    Occupation (status)
    Occupation (Business Type)
    Occupation (Full time)
    Do you want to add another proposer to this policy?
    Have premiums previously been increased?
    Only say yes if a premium has increased following a claim settlement or anything other than a natural price increase.
    Are you a first time buyer of the property?
    Present insurer
    If none, select "No Previous Insurance"
    Payment Method of Previous Policy:
    If none, select "No Previous Insurance"
    Date proposer resident at address
    Have you and/or your joint proposer(s) sustained any loss or damage or had any claims during the last 5 years whether accepted or not?
    You should include any incidents that resulted in damage to the property, items being stolen or injury to other people. You should include these incidents whether or not you made a claim, and whether or not you were paid for that claim.
    Risk Postcode
    House No/Name
    What is the type of property to be insured?
    How many bedrooms does the property have?
    This includes any room originally built to be a bedroom even if now used for other purposes
    How many bathrooms does the property have?
    Not including the kitchen, please include any room where there is a toilet or hand washing facilities
    Does the property have a safe?