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We will use your information to assess your insurance quotation and the terms on which cover may be offered. We may exchange your information with our underwriter Covea Insurance Plc. We are committed to protecting your privacy and we will only use the information we collect about you lawfully, in line with GDPR 2018. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

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How long have you and/or your joint proposer(s) owned the property requiring insurance?
Have you and/or your joint proposer(s) sustained any loss or damage or had any claims during the last 3 years whether accepted or not?
You should include any incidents that resulted in damage to the property, items being stolen or injury to other people. You should include these incidents whether or not you made a claim, and whether or not you were paid for that claim.
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This includes any room originally built to be a bedroom even if now used for other purposes
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Is the property (including outbuildings) free from any signs of movement or cracking, which may be attributed to subsidence, landslip or heave?
Is the property likely to be left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days?
Is the property built of standard construction?
(Standard construction is defined as built of brick, stone or concrete and roofed with slates, tiles, concrete or metal with not more than 50% of the total external roof area either felt covered or flat)
Is the property a grade listed building?
These are houses which are officially recognised by the Department of the Environment (DoE), as being of special (usually historic) interest.
Is the property in a good state of repair, not currently undergoing renovation or construction?
Please specify the Buildings Sum Insured amount or leave blank if buildings insurance is not required. This should represent the full cost of rebuilding your property as new.
If your property is underinsured then you are at risk of having claims paid on a pro-rata basis to the true sum insured or not at all.
If you need assistiance to calculate the rebuild cost please follow the link
How much would it cost to replace the entire contents of your home as new or leave blank if contents insurance is not required (this is the sum insured amount) (min £5,000 and max £50,000)?
If your contents are underinsured then you are at risk of having claims paid on a pro-rata basis to the sum insured or not at all. Contents includes carpets, whether fitted or not, household goods, furniture and furnishings.
Do you wish to include accidental damage cover?
Please specify your preferred voluntary excess (£50 standard applies, £250 for Escape of Water)
Any voluntary excess will be in addition to the standard excess.
Is the replacement cost of all your high risk items more than 50% of the sum insured on contents?
Is the full replacement cost of any one high risk item more than £4,000?
If you require Unspecified Personal Possessions cover please specify the limit (please note there is a single article limit of £1,500) (min £2,000 and max £7,500)
Personal Possessions are items normally used, worn or carried about you, for example, clothing, jewellery, mobile phones and watches.
If you require Specified Personal Possessions cover please provide details (specified items over £1,500 any one item) (proof of value is required for items over £3,000. Failure to provide such proof will invalidate any claim)
Possessions are items normally worn or carried about you when outside of the home, for example: jewellery, mobile phones and watches. Proof of ownership will be required for single items over £3,000.
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